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And these amazing special edition prints by Kiernan Dunn will be available for sale on Saturday!

Kiernan Dunn, She Has Risen


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Saturday April 19th, 8 pm at the Art Klub (519 Elysian Fields Ave.) will be NO LAW’s second season ending brawl, SUPER BRAWL II: SHE HAS RISEN.

she has risen

Our past eight champions, the toughest of the tough, the boldest of the bold, will face off to reign supreme for all the glory, domination and bragging rights we have to offer. This extravaganza will feature tables from rad organizations during Happy Hour, rocking bands plus a half-time date auction and a sick DJ dance party to follow. Proceeds will benefit Girls Rock New Orleans,an organization which acknowledges that “young women, Trans gendered and non-gender conforming youth are not often encouraged to develop themselves musically. Through collective creative collaboration, campers are encouraged to work together in a way that promotes mutual support and growth, rather than the competitive element.”

waiting to exhale

We need volunteers, y’all. Contact to get involved. Bring it.


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NO LAW Presents: The Nutcracker

Princesses, rat queens, ball busting, nut cracking. Muster up some holiday cheer and join New Orleans Ladies Arm Wrestling at One Eyed Jack’s on December 7th with that giving spirit. Our last brawl of the year will benefit Womanspace Louisiana, a safe haven for women who are experiencing homelessness, mental illness, and/or substance abuse.

Pre-action happy hour at 8 pm with tabling by local organizations. End of night post-action dance party with DJ Swim Team!

As per usual, ruthless wrestlers are lined up to fight for power, glory and affection. Your bets and $5 cover support local women’s organizations and could win you bar tabs, gift certificates or sweet NO LAW swag. Bring small bills for betting and bribing. Come for the drinks and ladies, stay for the smackdown.


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On to the next one

Brief, over-due wrap up of the Surf and Turf Brawl! It Ruled. We raised 2k for the amazing bicycle fundraiser organization Nola to Angola. They ride from New Orleans to Louisiana State Penitentiary over three days in October. Check out the website or facebook for more info on how to join or donate. In keeping with the theme, wrestlers had to pedal their way on stationary bikes into the top bracket as well as ripple those biceps. A-List appearances from Whitney Houston (straight from the grave never looked so good) and oh so fashionable pop-star Katy Perry helped facilitate the MANY ties these bad-ass women racked up through the night. Brawlers pulled out all the stops making messes of science experiments, wreaking havoc via tug of war and intimidating the competition with giant claws. In the midst of it all, NO LAW bid farewell to a very important member, our beloved stage manager, Angharad, who is off to millions of adventures. We love you Angsta the Gangsta! And when the sand storm settled, the new champion was Lamps Armstrong, representative of the beneficiary itself. She finally kicked her juice box habit and had a clean, proud win of this Tour de LAW. Shine bright like a glittered lampshade.


Huge thanks as always to DJs Justin and Brian, our half time performers from Broken Mirror Productions, One Eyed Jacks, performers, volunteers and the generous audience! We hope to see you at our next event, The Great Bawl of Fire on September 7th at Handsome Willy’s. We have not brought the ruckus to this bar in a few years and are very excited for an outdoor showdown. Proceeds will benefit New Orleans Girls Rock Camp.  Come at 8 pm for food and bev, feats of strength start on the nosey at 8:30 pm and stay late for a serious dance party. Seriously.


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Gettin hott in here.

We’re more than just a piece of meat. NO LAW Summer Surf and Turf Brawl Saturday June 1st, 2013 at One Eyed Jacks, 8 pm! Proceeds will benefit Nola to Angola, a bicycle fundraiser that benefits the Corner Stone Builders Bus Project. Corner Stone provides free bus trips for families in New Orleans to visit their incarcerated loved ones. Over 90% of the people who ride the buses are women and children. Learn more at

We are lookin for wrestlers, talented performers and folks to get involved! Want a behind-the-scenes role? We love people who help us promote, sell raffle tickets or just provide general support! Email and we’ll find you a spot on the plate.


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Saints Alive!

Our Matron Saints Brawl on March 16th crowned new champion Seance Brawles, mystical witch of the underworld, in a heavenly battle against Mad Mary Magdalene and her crew of arch angels. Twas a fierce battle but with the power vested in the gold dust woman, Seance was crowned mistress of the night.

Amens and hail mary-s to all the other wrestlers! We saw returning favorites, Friend to the Worker Lefty Lucy and Irish Gangsta Slamrock O’Hagan. The law was thrown out/laid down. Visiting CLAW USA representative Sabrina Pratt from Chicago’s Second City gave us some pointers and surprise guests from our nation’s capital materialized.  Flour and brass music filled the air, twas magical.

NO LAW raised $2,320.00 for Reach-In C.A.R.E thanks to One Eyed Jacks, DJ Swim Team, entourages, talented performers, The Mystic Ponies Aerial Troupe, bad ass organizations and you giving, giving people. Glory matria! For more information on any of the groups we work with or to lend your strength/smarts/dark arts/skills, email us Also, thanks to WGNO you can watch some TV footage of the brawl here. Big time!


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Mixer Happy Hour starts at 7:30 in One Eyed Jacks. Come meet folks from Breakout!, Hagar’s House, Books to Prisoners and other awesome organizers we love. Half time acts of music, make up and more. Dance party to follow the brawlin amen.


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Throwback Bday Brawl

Belated blog thanks to everyone who came to our anniversary celebration. We scaled it way down and still had a grand time raising $400.00 for Crescent City Childcare Collective. Lookout around town for newest champ Lefty Lucy who is political and packing heat.  Everyone looked gooood, from wrestling organizers to glittered up Mid-Western representatives. A million thank yous to Finn McCool’s and their super helpful staff plus DJ Frenchbraid who kept everything raging.



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