NOLAW Presents: The World Wide Web!


Log in to AOL and tell us your a/s/l because New Orleans Ladies Arm Wrestling is bringing the Information Superhighway to One Eyed Jacks!

Tell your friends you can’t take their calls, cause you’ll need your landline for a dial up connection to some of the fastest, strongest broads(band) available.

$5 gets you at least THREE FREE HOURS of email, cat videos, drag queens, and REAL LIVE LADY ARM WRESTLING!

After party dance party, DJ Lunch$Money will spin your favorite digital downloads for the greatest light-switch rave of all time!

This event benefits Louisiana Trans Advocates:

“Louisiana Trans Advocates works for transgender people in Louisiana through support group meetings, education, training, political advocacy at the state and local level, and a large, safe and active Facebook group. With five monthly support group meetings in cities from New Orleans to Shreveport, LTA is one of the largest organizations of its kind in the country, and their private Facebook group fosters discussion and connection online for trans people across the state. They maintain resource lists of trans-affirming healthcare providers and conduct trainings for healthcare professionals, schools, media, and businesses. They lobby for trans protection and inclusion at the state capitol and work with municipalities and businesses to update nondiscrimination policies to cover gender identity and gender expression. As part of the Equality Louisiana coalition, they collaborate with other Louisiana organizations in the fight for the respect and equality trans Louisianians deserve.”

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