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Bets and bribes go to Crescent City Childcare Collective. DJ Justin and DJ Frenchbraid dance party to follow.


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Box of Wine

Box of Wine Parade

Sunday February 19th, 4:30 pm.

Box of Wine Averts the Apocalypse and Bacchus Saves the Earth

NO LAW will be Sailing the Sistership



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Box of Wine

SUNDAY February 19th is the fabulous Box of Wine Parade. NO LAW will be Sailing the Sistership in this krewe for the first time. Happy Mardi Gras! 



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How many days till next Mardi Gras?

Well done Swamp Thing, winner of the last brawl! The nutria bikini gave her the fashion sense and freedom of movement she needed to finish off The Remover in a heated final match. Truly, everyone looked SO GOOD. From Weenis’s classic beauty to Gurl-Illa Warfare’s ill-fated cage, the competition and costumes were top notch. Crowd favorite Slamrock O’Hagan’s entourage looked so tough I was a little frightened. It may have been all those clover neck tattoos.

Thanks to Maison, all the wrestlers and entourage who put on a great show and YOU! Our adoring fans who helped fund baby showers for the Birthing Project. If you missed the show or just love donating, you can send checks to:

The Birthing Project

4205 Canal Street

NOLA 70119

Look for us at the next Friday Night Fights on April 1st and the Big Easy Rollergirls home opener April 16th. Spring brawl coming soon. Apply within to wrestle, donate prizes, celebrity judge or to use any other secret talent you may possess.


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