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Livin in the 21st Century

Big thanks to DJ Justin, our photographer Katrina Arnold and The Rusty Nail! Also to Trixie Minx and Oops the Clown for their opening performance, PLUS all the wrestlers who put on an amazing show! We raised $1000 for Women with a Vision and folks got to hear about the amazing work they do to challenge the totally wack “Crimes Against Nature” law. If you want to learn more/get involved/know what’s up, check out the WWAV website.

The smack talk and theme songs were at their most epic this time around. Doris Doomsday returned to try and teach new contender Ice Cold some manners, but Ice bested her and went on to the final round. It was Sister Mary Slammer though with all the power of the lord behind her who became our new champion. She even beat a fellow woman of the cloth to to smite the competition in the end. Amen. We like to give our crowd what they want so a special brawl between Cherry Popeye and celebrity judge, Yoko Ono was bankrolled pitting celebrity v. cartoon character. Yoko bested the peppy sailor but not before they gave us a dance off fit for the rapture. Watch it all here!

Save the date for your next chance to be this close to glory, Steamy Summer Brawl will be July 16th back at the Nail. We’ll have hot new merch for sale, including¬† NO LAW bandannas to wipe the sweat from your tan brow or use as a coozy on your frozen disco lemonade.


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Brawl Ball

DJ Justin afterparty on the very ground we brawled upon!

Women with a Vision will use the dollas from this brawl to increase staff training for all the wonderful work they do.

Delicious Food and Drink Specials:

$1.5 PBR
$2 Hi-Life
$4 Jameson Shots
$5 Frozen Disco Lemonades

*Don’t forget, DO NOT park your vehicle across the street from the Rusty Nail. Your evening will be ruined by trying to bail your car out of car jail. Enter and exit the parking lot via Calliope. If there was ever a night to bicycle someplace, this would be it.


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