About Us

New Orleans Ladies Arm Wrestling* hosts raucous performance-based competitions that empower women and provide monetary support for women-focused projects.

*As a collective we resist and reject sexism, ageism, homophobia, transphobia, classism and racism.

The New Orleans Ladies’ Arm Wrestlers (NO LAW) are fired up ladies who toe the line between theatrical antics and hardcore athleticism. Eight woman-identified wrestlers compete in each brawl. They have a persona, bio, theme song, and money-hungry entourage to back them up and collect “bets” from the crowd. Proceeds raised from bets go to a chosen local organization or project that benefits women and girls.

At each event, wrestlers compete tournament-style. In the preliminary round there are eight wrestlers competing in four matches of sudden death elimination. The four winners then move on to the semi-final round. In this round each pair competes in three bouts (right arm, left arm, right arm). The two winners proceed to the Final Match which is decided again by the best out of three bouts; the winner receives a trophy created by the beneficiary, in addition to eternal glory. Rules are determined and managed by the referee, only to be manipulated and corrupted by celebrity judges, crowd hecklers, and dolla billz.

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